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Fancierstudio FL9060S4 3800 Watt Softbox Video Lighting Kit Light Kit With Carrying Case

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  • 10 x 60 Watt Compact Fluorescent Perfect Daylight Balance Light Bulb (equals 3000 watt)
  • Four (4) x 45watt bulb for hairlight
  • Two x 7’ft lighting, One Heavy Duty Boom Stand With Sandbag
  • Two 22″x28″ Large Softbox, One 16″x24″ Softbox for Hairlight
  • Carrying Case Also included

New model 45% brighter then previous 2000 watt model. Bigger softbox and brighter bulbs. Brand New 3800 Watt Softbox Compact Fluorescent Video Lighting Kit. Softboxes are a great addition to any kit. They gently focus the light, providing soft, very forgiving, shadow free illumination that makes even a beginner look like a pro photographer, videographer or filmmaker. This Kit Comes with ten (10) x 60watt 5500k perfect day light compact fluorescent bulbs perfect for video and photography and four (4) X 45watt 5500k perfect daylight bulb for hairlight. Included are Two 22″ x 28″ Professional Softbox and one 16″x24″ softbox for hairlight. Two Premium Quality 5 Light Socket And one four light socket for hairlight power cables included. . Two High Quality 7′ lightstand, a boomstand, sandbag and a Deluxe carrying case is also included. One of the best deal you can find on internet.

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Written by davidsoneverett14

June 2, 2013 at 7:58 am

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